Day 11: The character you relate to the most

Severus Snape. I feel that we have so much in common. He’s really dark and is pretty much a loner, which is exactly how I am. We only have a few close friends who know how we really are. He was involved in dark magic, but then came to the light for the ones he loved. He’s a good liar, but he can also be very loyal. Neither of us like to talk to people and usually just listen in important situations so we can better strategize for future plans.  


Day 10: Horcruxes or Hallows?

This is a really difficult one for me. I would love to make a horcrux, but I don’t know if I could actually do it. So I’m going to go with Hallows. I would be secretive about them and only use them when needed. Except for the Elder wand. I would use that all the time.                                                        


Day 9: Least favorite male character

My least favorite male character would have to be Peter Pettigrew. He was a coward and betrayed his friends. I know Voldemort was bad but at least he was determined and pretty powerful. I honestly don’t even know how Peter survived as long as he did and was happy to see him go. Not even going to post a picture with this one -.-


I just got to watch episode 2 of Game of Thrones tonight. Won’t give away any spoilers but I am shocked. I don’t even know how to feel or react right now.


Day 8: Favorite subject at Hogwarts

I would love to learn all the subjects at Hogwarts. I would be like Hermione and take as many classes as I could. I think my favorite subject would probably be Astronomy. It would be really cool to learn about the different planet movements and stars and maybe even see secrets in them, like Firenze and the other centaurs did. I think Potions would be fun too.


Day 7: Your favorite female character

This one is difficult. I really like Hermione and Bellatrix, but I’d have to say my favorite female character is Ginny. The movies did not do her justice. She was amazing in the books and was outgoing and totally kicked ass. I look up to Ginny and only wish I could be as strong and brave as she is.      


Day 6: Which house do you think you’d be sorted into?

I know that I would be sorted into Slytherin. I an on Pottermore and have taken many other quizzes. My results have always been Slytherin with Ravenclaw close behind. At first I was surprised, but now it defines me. I love Slytherin house and I know I would have loved Severus Snape as my head of house. I think I would have been a lot like him as a student and can definitely relate to what he went through.


Day 5: Favorite male character

My favorite male character would have to be Severus Snape. He is awesome throughout both the movies and books. I love his whole story and can really sympathize with him. Plus I’m in Slytherin. I think we would have got on well.                                                                                                     


Day 4: Least favorite female character

Obviously the answer should be Dolores Umbridge. I hate her more than Voldemort because she was just that evil. But aside from her I would probably have to choose Cho Chang. She was really annoying in the books and the actress portraying her wasn’t much better.                                        image


Day 3: Film that made you angry for ignoring important parts of the book

Probably the Half Blood Prince. The movie left out a lot of Voldemort’s past and where he acquired most of the horcruxes. I really enjoyed reading this book, watching the movie…not so much. Harry and Dumbledore also got closer and I felt it completely left that out in the film. The close second would be Goblet of Fire. I loved the Barty Crouch story, which it almost entirely left out.

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