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Day 31: What would you do if you found out the books were true?

I would go to Hogwarts and track Professor Snape down and demand an apprenticeship. And Occlumency lessons. :)

And this is probably the look I would get:


Day 30: Effect Harry Potter has had on your life?

I absolutely love Harry Potter and many characters have been such a great inspiration to me. These books introduced me to an alternate world and I am very proud to be in the fandom. Being a Slytherin defines me and I can read the books and watch the movies countless times without getting bored. Harry Potter is awesome; I am so thankful for it and for JK Rowling. 


Day 29: What job would you like to have in the Wizarding World?

I would like to have a job in the ministry. It would be really cool if I could use Occlumency and Legilimens for my job, maybe like an interrogator. But if not I would want just a basic office job as like a receptionist or accountant for the Wizarding World.


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Attention seeker.

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Day 26-28

Got behind again due to working all weekend.

Day 26: One spell without magic, which one?

Accio or Legilimens. I’m so lazy and would love to summon things without getting up. And if the magical world were real I would be a skilled Legilimens.

Day 27: Which of the Deathly Hallows would you like to own?

The invisibility cloak for sure. I would love to be invisible at times and I really wouldn’t have a use for the other two.

Day 28: Who would be your nemesis at Hogwarts?

I can’t really think of anyone. I would get along with everyone but since I’m Slytherin there would probably be problems between me and some random Gryffindor.


Day 25: Satisfied with the Epilogue?

I thought the happy ending was nice, but I do not believe it was very realistic. I highly doubt they would have all lived and that Ron and Hermione would have ended up staying together. Overall I guess I’m pretty satisfied though.


Rediscovered the band The Cranberries recently and I’m absolutely obsessed all over again.


Any scene you wish was in the films that wasn’t?

There are countless things that should have been in the movies that wasn’t. The one thing that made me the most angry was when they did not let Harry fix his broken wand with the Elder wand. This would not have taken that long and was an awesome scene in the books. A few other things that would have been cool in the movies are: more of Voldemort’s and Barty Crouch’s family history and story, peeves, and more details about Snape and his role as the Half Blood Prince.


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